Message to Craft Clubbers!


Craft Club is going through a period of transition and we are busy reflecting on past accomplishments and preparing new ideas for the future.  Sorry for things going a bit quiet around here, but we need to take some time before we are ready to share what will be coming up for Craft Club in summer 2015. 

Please continue to make use of our online resources and remember to watch this space.

We may be calling on you soon to help us shape the future of Craft Club but in the meantime we hope you keep on knitting and stitching and making!  

Craft Club is all about championing Craft in Schools, Galleries, Libraries, Community Centres, and anywhere else you can bring people together to pass on your craft skills! Whether you want to set up a club, learn from a club or volunteer for events, by navigating through the different sections of the website you can find out about how best you can get involved!


For more information and to get some answers to our most frequently asked questions click here.

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